Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thank goodness for sewing machines and power. I think without those to things I just might have gone stir crazy today. It started snowing about nine o'clock last night and it just stopped a few moments ago, which is 10pm, over 24 hours later.

I don't think I will be going anywhere soon. There are 21 inches of snow that must be dealt with in my driveway. And then there's the matter of uncovering my poor little car. Yes that's it in the second picture.......from what it sounds like on the news, though the snow has stopped falling things are not really improving. It's not a good idea to be out and about as the roads that have been plowed are turning into skating rinks. So other than shoveling snow tomorrow it will be another day in the house....The sewing is done for Christmas, but I do have some paper craft projects that need to be completed for gifts, wrapping of presents and maybe even another Christmas cookie batch or two.

I'd like to show you pictures of my completed sewing projects from today, but they are gifts and I would hate to give away any gift surprises!

And just think winter starts on Monday!!!!!!!

Monday, December 07, 2009


Time does pass by so quickly.....I can hardly believe it has been almost a month since I posted here. There is a lot going on in my life but that is not for this BLOG. I have been getting some crafting done and even some baking which is so fun and tasty as well.

After being laid off from my Lay Director job at our church I was given the opportunity to go back to one of my employment loves; working in a quilt shop. What is not to love about working with people as they choose beautiful fabrics for their next quilting project? It had been so long since I had allowed myself to handle good quality fabric that I had almost forgotten how wonderful it feels and how beautiful it looks. What fun it even makes standing on your feet for four hours straight a joy! A tiring one but a joy non the less. I have also been asked to teach a couple of classes in the first quarter of 2010. That is another thing I haven't done in a while but have always loved doing. TEACHING QUILTING! My first class in January will be Pineapple Placemats. I've taught this before and love doing so and love this pattern for placemats. It is a quilt as you go pattern which means when you are done with the placemat block you are also done with the quilting. All that is left to be done is the binding. This is my class sample. Even I had forgotten how easy these are to make. So if you live in the Gaithersburg, MD area and you would like to learn a new technique for making placemats....why not get a true head start on next years Christmas gift list....check out Capital Quilts for their January - March class list and come join me.

Now as the weather outside turns frightful my kitchen is so delightful! I have finally gotten around to making bread following the directions from a book I have had for some time....Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. Yummy and oh so easy. I was skeptical of a no-knead bread that sits in your fridge for up to 14 days till you want to bake it, but I am sold! It is wonderful in both looks and taste, and oh so easy! Most importantly for my life right now the loaf size is just right for one! This is a white flour loaf, but there is a new book out that shows you how to use the same technique using whole grains. This book is on my wish list. But for know I Am very happy with my white bread! It is very quick and very easy and even more tasty! YUM!