Monday, July 31, 2006

Here are four of my favarite cards that I made yesterday. I'm still amazed at the number of cards I got done. Of course nothing was done today. I had to reenter the real world of normal work.
Tomorrow I have a day off and after housework I hope to do either more stamping or maybe some quilting. I have a feeling quiltging may win out as I do it in the basement and these days out second story is pretty HOT! Just like outside.
I really am looking forward to making more of the fabric postcards. I toook one into the post office to mail today. I wanted to have it hand cancelled. The postal worker that took it was really wow'd by it which was really neat. Now I just hope it makes it through the mail without too much dirt or grime added to it. Maybe I need to make one and mail it to myself to see how they are when they arrive.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

They are done!

It took almost 6 hours but the cards are done. Laura and I had a great time together and came up with what I think are some great designs. Part of the reason it took so long is no two of the twenty cards we made are alike. They are all different! I've never really spent this much time at once stamping. There was a basic theme we were following so I had picked out a selection of stamps that went with it. This helped some, but what we found is that we began experimenting with different techniques. So not only did we create the cards needed, but we learned alot as well. Best of all however was the fun we had together. Even my DH got involved in that he fixed dinner for us.
Tonight it is to late to scan the cards, but tomorrow I will try to find time to hook up to the scanner and scan a few of the ones I made. Now it is time to rest and gear down for sleep.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

No creativity today!

Though it is a Saturday and a day at home there was no creativity today! Just a lot of housework and laundry. However I did get plenty of files that have been sitting around way to long in my stamping room put a way! Yea!!!
Last April I co-chaired a quilt show for our local quilt guild and I had show records scattered all over the place. I was so glad when the show was over that I just dumped everything and forgot about doiing anything to organize it for the next sucker, I mean quilt show chair. Now after an afternoon of sorting, everything is nicely organized into a notebook and ready to pass on. All we need now is a person to volunteer for the job.
Tomorrow I will be ready to have fun stamping with a friend after church. We will make "palanca" cards for youth from our church who are going on a spiritual retreat next weekend and also some young adults, including her and my sons, who will be helping lead the weekend. We each will have 10 cards to make so it will be a marathon session.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Here are two of my first attempts at truly mixing my Stamping and my Quilting. They are fabric postcards which are currently the rage in the quilting world. Actually they have been quite popular for some time, but I'm a little slow on getting on the bad wagon. But now that I have jumped on it I am hooked. They are so quick and easy to make and yes they can be mailed using first class postage (39 cents) rather than postcard rates. I should have also scanned the back of the card but didn't. Maybe tomorrow. On the back I stamped POSTCARD across the top and drew a vertical line down the center. But back to the front. The stamps I used are Stampin' Up (of course) and I used craft inks. The design is done in what is called Paper piecing in the quilting world and the are patterns designed by Carol Doak. My favorite paper piecer in the whole world!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I made these cards for a workshop I had at my house. They showed how using the exact same elements you can create two different cards. The card on the bottom is actually one I found on the SU Demo site for use in a beginners workshop. The card on the top is the one that has been modified.

Now for the truth. The reason the card on the right is modified is while making the card one of the participants accidentally tore the wrong side of the Whisper White card stock so she had to improvise. Everyone really seemed to like the idea that even when you think you've made a mistake you really haven't you just need to adjust and actually they liked the boo-boo card better. It's the one they all made! Now that made me feel really GOOD! I really like it when people don't get stressed over mistakes but make lemonade out of them.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Mini Set

I just love this stamp set! It's from the summer mini catalog and it's called Nature Prints.

The first card shows all 4 stamps in the set and uses the new "In Colors" that are only available from Stampin' Up in the 2006-07 Catalog. I just love the colors and they go very well with this stamp set. With this card I also used my Stamp-a-Ma-Jig to get the images placed where I wanted them. Boy I don't know how I lived with out this tool! It's absolutely WONDERFUL! I also used my new "cutter kit " to distress the edges of the layers. Love it as well, it will certainly give my finger nails a rest when it comes to distressing!

For the second card I used Pearl Ex on the fish stamp image. I chose to use Duo Red/Blue for this as it gives a nice
Iridescence like fish scales do. I used Canvas background stamp behind the fish, but some friends suggested Cheesecloth background stamp would be nice as it would look like a fishing net. I'll try that when I get that stamp.

Both of these cards where designed for possible Stampfest Projects. The card with the fish was chosen, but we will use the Cheesecloth stamp and a "Happy Birthday" stamp rather than "Celebrate" which some felt was an over used stamp. I used it because I had it. I wanted to try and do some cards that could be used for men. It seems like most everything we do with stamping is female oriented.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Anniversary Card

Well it has been a while. I have just returned from a delightful vacation and now feel that I can post this card. I had made it for my in-laws anniversary but didn't want to post it before I gave it to them. I didn't think they would check out my blog but just want to be sure that they received the card before they saw it.
I had fun making this card as I played with Pearl X . It added an iridescence in the dragon fly which really added interest. Unfortunately it doesn't show up in the scan of the card. I got the idea for the card layout from SplitCoast Stampers but I don't remember form whose gallery it came. I need to do a better idea of keeping track of those inspiration sites so I can give them proper credit.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Okay, okay I know this is not a card. It's a quilt, but I haven't started a quilting blog yet and the title of this one is Stampin & KWILTIN' so here it is. Now as to why it is here. I just was informed that it will be hanging in a national quilt show at the end of August. All I can say is BOY AM I EXCITED OR WHAT!

I've never had anything selected for a juried show before let alone a big show. I'm a local guild and county fair type gal.

This was submitted by our local guild as part of a group of 8 that were chosen from 19 entries in our guild challenge on TIME. We were to make a wall hanging size quilt which interpreted Time and there had to be at least one clock face on the quilt.

My interpretation was called It's About Time and I interpreted different phrases and images of time such as: Time is Money, Tea Time, Tee Time, Time in a Bottle etc. I also put images of Father Time, Big Ben and the Croc from Peter Pan complete with a clock charm in his belly. It was fun. Oh, I did do some stamping on iot. The ribbons at the top and bottom are stamped with the words "It's About Time!", "Thyme?" and "No Time!".

Saturday, July 01, 2006

First on Split Coast Stampers Site

Yea! I've got my first card up on Split Coast Stampers! For me that is very exciting. I have my own gallery of one card! There will be more in the future, but one step at a time. Click on the title and you will be taken there. How cool is that! Now I just have to put it on my Links list. Guess I will go try that now.

It's done!

Here is the finished product of my Heartfelt Thanks Series. I put the card fronts onto a display board along with the prices of the items needed to make the cards. Though the price list looks expensive I also mention that with these supplies alone you can make over 75 cards! It works out to less than a $1.00 per card. Hopefully this display board will come in handy when I have my next workshop, which as usual will be at my home after our vacation this month. I am also hopeful that maybe out of that workshop I can finally get someone else to host a workshop. That would be very nice!