Monday, July 31, 2006

Here are four of my favarite cards that I made yesterday. I'm still amazed at the number of cards I got done. Of course nothing was done today. I had to reenter the real world of normal work.
Tomorrow I have a day off and after housework I hope to do either more stamping or maybe some quilting. I have a feeling quiltging may win out as I do it in the basement and these days out second story is pretty HOT! Just like outside.
I really am looking forward to making more of the fabric postcards. I toook one into the post office to mail today. I wanted to have it hand cancelled. The postal worker that took it was really wow'd by it which was really neat. Now I just hope it makes it through the mail without too much dirt or grime added to it. Maybe I need to make one and mail it to myself to see how they are when they arrive.

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Susan said...

What gorgeous cards! I am sure your young people loved them! How special to have an original card each. I hope they gave you lots of good feedback and appreciation, or if they didn;t know it was you who made them I hope you get good feedback somehow anyway. A day of good memories stamping with your friend is a nice thing to have for a start...