Friday, July 28, 2006

Here are two of my first attempts at truly mixing my Stamping and my Quilting. They are fabric postcards which are currently the rage in the quilting world. Actually they have been quite popular for some time, but I'm a little slow on getting on the bad wagon. But now that I have jumped on it I am hooked. They are so quick and easy to make and yes they can be mailed using first class postage (39 cents) rather than postcard rates. I should have also scanned the back of the card but didn't. Maybe tomorrow. On the back I stamped POSTCARD across the top and drew a vertical line down the center. But back to the front. The stamps I used are Stampin' Up (of course) and I used craft inks. The design is done in what is called Paper piecing in the quilting world and the are patterns designed by Carol Doak. My favorite paper piecer in the whole world!

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Susan said...

These look lovely and I have never seen the technique before. Will have to learn more about it. I am not sure it has come to Australia.