Saturday, July 29, 2006

No creativity today!

Though it is a Saturday and a day at home there was no creativity today! Just a lot of housework and laundry. However I did get plenty of files that have been sitting around way to long in my stamping room put a way! Yea!!!
Last April I co-chaired a quilt show for our local quilt guild and I had show records scattered all over the place. I was so glad when the show was over that I just dumped everything and forgot about doiing anything to organize it for the next sucker, I mean quilt show chair. Now after an afternoon of sorting, everything is nicely organized into a notebook and ready to pass on. All we need now is a person to volunteer for the job.
Tomorrow I will be ready to have fun stamping with a friend after church. We will make "palanca" cards for youth from our church who are going on a spiritual retreat next weekend and also some young adults, including her and my sons, who will be helping lead the weekend. We each will have 10 cards to make so it will be a marathon session.


Magicfingers said...

I found your blog today while doing a little blog surfing. It is very interesting. I really like all the stamping projects you shared. I am not much of a crafter anymore. I used to crochet a lot and also have made several quilts, but just for family and not much on a serious level. I would like to share some of your pictures and information on my blog if you don't mind. I would also like more info on stamping. Where could I learn more?

Susan said...

Hope you had a good marathon session with your friend - sounds great!