Monday, July 03, 2006

Okay, okay I know this is not a card. It's a quilt, but I haven't started a quilting blog yet and the title of this one is Stampin & KWILTIN' so here it is. Now as to why it is here. I just was informed that it will be hanging in a national quilt show at the end of August. All I can say is BOY AM I EXCITED OR WHAT!

I've never had anything selected for a juried show before let alone a big show. I'm a local guild and county fair type gal.

This was submitted by our local guild as part of a group of 8 that were chosen from 19 entries in our guild challenge on TIME. We were to make a wall hanging size quilt which interpreted Time and there had to be at least one clock face on the quilt.

My interpretation was called It's About Time and I interpreted different phrases and images of time such as: Time is Money, Tea Time, Tee Time, Time in a Bottle etc. I also put images of Father Time, Big Ben and the Croc from Peter Pan complete with a clock charm in his belly. It was fun. Oh, I did do some stamping on iot. The ribbons at the top and bottom are stamped with the words "It's About Time!", "Thyme?" and "No Time!".


Susan said...

Suzanne, what a wonderful quilt and CONGRATULATIONS on the recognition you are receiving for it! What a lovely thing to happen! I can see you put a lot of thought and energy into your quilt - it looks amazing.

I am very drawn to quilts for another reason tonight - it is getting down towards freezing over here in Australia. The clear days are bringing in much colder Antarctic fronts and we are all sure it is winter now. I know it gets colder where you are but we are all used to hot weather more than cold, so it is bitter for us!

I managed to make my deadlines for the acrds - have posted them up if you want to have a look.

Have a great day!

Susan said...

Lol! When I read your comment to me about how much time I spent planning out what I was going to do, it reminded me of exactley the same question I asked the lady who taught me to make cards! I do spend a lot of 'thinking time' before I actually make a card. I believe that is part of my attraction to making cards - it isn't just a mechanical exercise. It involves all the creativity and thinking and planning I have! From what you said, I am sure you find it the same with quilting and cardmaking.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my work. It is so nice to get such encouragement :-)

Enjoy your week!