Wednesday, January 03, 2007

On a Happier Note

This is a very special Christmas present made for me by my son. It is a bookcase being used by me to hold DVD's in our family room. He made it extra special by wood burning quilt blocks along each side. And I didn't even know he knew how to do wood burning. Such talent! Do I sound like a bragging mom? Oh well to bad cause that's exactly what I am! Thanks Nate! Now the whole world can see your talent if they want too! Love ya!

By the way the blocks he chose were designed by Carol Doak and are from her book 40 Bights & Bold Paper Pieced blocks. A favorite book of mine. Now maybe I should make a quilt to go with the bookshelf.


Anonymous said...

How awesome! What a great son you have.

Susan said...

How special to have such a personalised bookcase! WHat better way to show his love for you , Suzanne. He must be a real blessign to you.