Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What have I been up to lately..........?????? You know I don't even have clue!

My life has been in such a state of turmoil I just seem to be moving from moment to moment. I have been laid off from the main part of my job at our church. Also my dear husband has been working out of town for the past three weeks.....There seems to be no order or organization to my life and though I am a "go with the flow" type of gal I do need some structure to keep me on task! So chaos has been rampant!

I do need money to support my paper crafting as well as quilting habit so I should be preparing for a craft show next week end. I have managed to get a few things done and this is one of them. Some little mini composition notebooks which I altered.

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to be able to get myself back on task. I need sets of Christmas cards made and I need to get down to my sewing studio. In one week I have a major craft show. Anyone have any clues on how to stay focused when life is a total disoriented mess?????????


Susan said...

Hi Suzanne - glad to see your post :) but sorry to hear about the layoff and the absence of your DH. I just started a job and am so with you about chaos reigning - it seems ANY change for me creates chaos till I get used to the new way of things!!

You know all about Flylady. Her methods help. Otherwise, don't be too hard on yourself and just allow yourself some adjustment time :)

I hope your craft fair goes well and nets you lots of $$ for craft goodies!

LadyDoc said...

Oh, you are having a time of it, aren't you?

Hope hubby is home by now. Best wishes and happy thoughts coming your way for a new job- hopefully one you will love!

Sandy said...

Very pretty. Somehow we lost connection; but going back through my older post, I found you link. Yippee.

Hope things improve for you and your hubby, not fun or easy to be apart.

Hope things went well at the craft show in terms of connections and sales for you.

Do swing by and let's get re-acquainted.


Sandy said...


just popping in to say hi, hope you have a great wkend