Saturday, February 06, 2010


'Twas a very snowy day in the mid-Atlantic. This made for a day of wonderful quilting, between the shoveling. I did finish my Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend quilt top. Maybe tomorrow I will baste it and begin quilting it. I also did some work on my Bloomin' Challenge quilt too. I don't have anything worthy of pictures yet but maybe tomorrow. I will have a few more days I think that can be devoted to quilting between the bouts of shoveling and digging out. So stay tuned....tonight a headache has set in and so I think it's time for some dinner and a little rest.


Susan said...

Your quilt looks wonderful and I am so impressed that you sold nearly all of your cards at Christmas. I do hope the snow begins to let up. We're having local floods here due to heavier than normal rainfall - the heaviest since the 1880s!! We're OK but I had to try three different routes to get home at lunch time today...stay safe and warm.

LadyDoc said...

Sorry you got a headache- maybe too much quilting? That close work, you know, at our age.... ;)

I spent a good bit of the day on my latest passion- digital scrapbooking. I also did all the ancillary stuff- downloading pictures, sorting and filing pictures, etc- that is better if done before I start "playing". Had a busy but good day.

I wish the snow wasn't proving so easy to clean up- they say we will probably have school tomorrow- DARN!!! I was hoping for at least ONE day off. Nothing worse than a wasted snow storm!