Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Card for Challenge and an Anniversary

Well I am certainly late in posting this! I actually made it for a challenge given by Daring Cardmakers from the end of January. The challenge was to use metal on your card. I decided it was time to break into my hodge podge hardware that I have been hoarding for a year now. (I think I'm afraid to use it cause I love it and then it will be gone: I know silly me!) Anyway I used a buckle and two brads on the designing of this card. I'm pleased how it came out. Now I need to come up with more ways to use this wonderful hardware kit. It's not doing anyone any good or giving anyone any joy sitting on the self in its nice tin box.


Kathy said...

hehehe good to know I'm not the only one who keeps things just because I don't want to use 'em!

Welcome to the DCM - lovely to see your card - the buckle looks good, - they are so useful aren't they? I really should use mine more often too!

Susan said...

Yes, I relate to the comment about keeping special goodies too. Yet people do appreciate them so much when they are finally 'allowed free' on a card. That's what I tell myself anyway- he he. Hey Suzanne - I hadn't realised you had already posted to a DCM challenge - I am so glad you did!! More! More! I used a buckle for this challenge too but I used a soft drink can ring pull!! I never have to worry about letting one of THEM go! Lol!