Tuesday, September 04, 2007


This was my big Labor Day Project. I had other smaller ones and some I wanted to get done but didn't, but this is the big one. And it was so much fun! It did take a lot of time and a lot of sticky strip, but it turned out even better then I had hoped.

I made it for a Women's Tea Party that we are having at our church on Saturday. In case you haven't guessed it is a paper cake! Each of the slices is a party favor box. I think it would be wonderful for a Bridal Shower as well.

The idea for the cake and the pattern came from SU's Stampin' Success magazine that is published for SU Demonstrators. They used all paper flowers to decorate theirs, but quickly decided I did not have the time to do all that cutting, especially of the greenery, so I literally tore apart some silk flowers that I had leftover from a quilting project. (Yes, I did say quilting project! If I ever finish it I will post and explain it, but don't hold your breath I started it 2 years ago and it is currently in UFO status.) I have decided that I really like the silk flowers better and if I ever do another one I will probably use them again.

I have all sorts of ideas for other cakes, such as a chocolate one made with Chocolate Chip card stock. It could be for a birthday party. Or a really fun one decorated for a baby shower or a child's birthday party. Really one's imagination is as usual in crafts the only limit on what can be done with a paper cake.

One really good thing about them is that they are calorie free. Unless your party favor is chocolate that is! I hope you have enjoyed seeing this as much as I enjoyed making it. And I do hope the women Saturday enjoy their slice.


Christi said...

Kuddos girl! I was going to do this for my grandparents anniversary party but I did not have the time or the patience. You did a fantastic job! Beautiful!

Susan said...

What a terrific cake!! I had not seen this idea before. It's really effective, isn't it? I can imagine everyone loved it!

Lee said...

I still can't believe it! Just amazing in your SCS gallery and here!! Just so stunning and beautiful and I really think you could go into business making these!!! Hmmm......do you think Oprah might want one for her wedding........someday!!! ;)

Beth said...

Wow! You made the cake!! Soooo pretty. I said the next one I make will have silk flowers...too much cutting. ;-)