Sunday, December 30, 2007


Susan has tagged me and so now while I am gathering up energy to connect my computer to the scanned and take a few photos of some projects my daughter and I worked on yesterday I will offer a few facts about myself. 7 random facts according to the rules Susan sent. So here goes....
  1. I lived in the same house 14 years when I was growing up and swore I would never live in the same house that long again....well never say never....I've lived in the house I'm currently living in for 24 years and there are no plans to move anytime soon!!!!
  2. I love Disney World and would vacation there for a week every year and be very happy! Alas I haven't been in almost 10 years.
  3. At 5 foot 11 inches tall I am the shortest person in my immediate family. I never thought I would be the shorty!
  4. If I won a million dollars I would quit my job and devote myself to teaching quilting and stamping to others, and I would make quilts and cards to give away to people in need.
  5. I am working had to clear my home of 24 years of accumulated clutter. Made some progress in 2007, but still have a long way to go....anyone want some counted cross stitch patterns? I have lots of them.....
  6. (WOW 7 is a BIG number!) I am one of the few women in this world who has allowed her hair to go gray in a pattern and time frame that God sees fit. (actually I'm to cheap to pay someone to color my hair and too untalented when it comes to such things to do it myself)
  7. In 2008 I hope to learn how to cook in a more healthy manner.
So there are my for the really hard part, tagging 7 other people....



So visit their BLOGS learn about them and see the wonderful things they all do. AND don't forget to visit Susan and come back here I love to have visitors. Now I need to go break the news to those lovely 7 folks that they've been tagged.


Susan said...

Ha ha! Thanks for taking part in the tag, Suzanne! I enjoyed reading your facts - I think we would get along really well IRL. If you ever plan to leave your home of 20+ years and come to Australia for a trip, do put me on the itinerary!

Sure hope your seven tagees will enjoy the experience too. Am off to read their blogs...

Diane said...

Suzanne, thank you for tagging me! It was fun. I didn't know how it worked until I was tagged. What a hoot. And it has some real benefit in networking and increasing our contacts with wonderful artists. Thanks for choosing me!

Lee said...

Nice to get to know you even better!! I can so relate on the cooking and eating healthier!! And thanks for the fun tag!! :)

cookingmama said...

5'11 come stand next to me and you will feel REALLY tall. (-; I am only 5 feet tall. Should have put that on my 7 facts. (-; Happy New Year!