Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A quick post to encourage all to slow down and enjoy the process of card making and making them well. (Notice I said well not perfect!)

As Christmas approaches at lightning speed I am finding my self getting sloppy. When I get pressured by time, or I should say lack of time, I don't do some things I know I should do to help my cards be the best they can. This card is a good example of that.

Can you see what I mean? You don't have to look to close or too long to see it. I have learned from past experience that I need to use my stamp-a-ma-jig whenever I am stamping a sentiment directly onto my card. Do I always do it? Obviously not! And the times I don't are those times that I am in just to much of a hurry to get out the tool.

I probably should just leave it out on my stamping table. Then I would have no excuse.

So this post is an admonition to myself and anyone else who needs it to slow down and enjoy the process of making a nice card rather than taking the time to come up with a nice layout and design and then ruining it with a lopsided sentiment!

What was it we were told: "Do as I say, not as I do!" Or was it, " A picture is worth a thousand words"?


Diane Noble said...

Great admonition, especially at this time of year. But a card is NEVER ruined, girl! When I do what you did I go for the big cover-up! Just mount another layer right on top of that one and no one will ever know you briefly walk on the crooked side!!!!! LOL...been there several times! There's always a good fix.

But the message is well taken. So much about the season to enjoy, to relish and to soak in. Just need to focus on the real deal.

Thanks for you SO SWEET comments about my work and for checking out my featured artist spot. I really appreciate that. We are in a mutually admiration society then, for I love what you do.

Love "bumping" into you here and there! If I don't get to say it anywhere else, I'll tell you here...Merry Christmas!

Lee said...

I don't have a stamp a majig and sometimes it does indeed show!!! LOL However, a big part of the charm (to me!!) of handmade cards is the lack of "perfection" or "factory" look!!! I love this card, the stamp set, the papers!!

LadyDoc said...

I think it looks fine- just say that you were going for an "angular" effect, lol!

cookingmama said...

I cannot stamp straight. I need a stamp a ma jig thingy. I love the flower stamp. I just bought that set. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kelly AKA Emmiestamps said...

I love the combination of Dp you used very nice!!

hangnailz n' papercutz said...

yes, using Stamp-ma-jig is a lesson hard learned. I should know...."Queen of Crooked"