Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm finally making some progress on my nephews album which highlights his Junior year of collegiate baseball. I don't know why I don't scrap more????? Its so much fun!

I've been collecting stamps, papers and stickers for over a year now to use in putting this album together and it is time to get serious about using I haven't said that before!!!!! Hopefully this has given me a kick start and I can really get moving on it. He graduated from college this past May. I will set a goal of Christmas to be complete. Now all you who visit here have hear me say this so please help keep me on track friends and if you don't see anymore pages for a while gently ask????? No make that give me a swift kick in the hinnie and demand to
know where the next pages are!!!!!!

On totally different topic and one that makes me I get to go with some quilting friends to attend Quilt Odessy a wonderful quilt show held in Hershey, PA. I know I will see lots of fantastic quilts and hope as well to at least get to say hi to Carol Doak who is teaching there. She is such a wonderful lady and an amazing quilter, designer and teacher!

Plus being in Hershey, PA an additional benefit is CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

So have a nice day all please find time to enjoy a little bit of creativity during it. After all creativity is what keeps us sane and young! (That's my new mantra!)


Christi said...

I love your pages and your new mantra! Awesome job!!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said... cool are those!!! I love the layouts with fun room for personalized journalling! Oh the summer kit colors are so perfect for this!!!