Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have mentioned here on this BLOG that I am no longer mounting my red rubber on wooden blocks. Don't get me wrong I love my wooden mounted stamps....the problem is I have run out of space to store them! However now I am ending up with a very large supply of unused wooden blocks. I can't just toss them out. That is not in my nature and since my dear husband has terrible allergies we no longer use our fire place so I can't burn them. The question is now what do I do with them all????? They are multiplying faster than rabbits.

I was reading some of the BLOGs I subscribe to and Sweet & Sassy had a wonderful idea. I have been thinking they could be used in some sort of a project and now I have an project to start with. If you would like to see it you can click here. As soon as I get some of my own made I will be sure to show you.

I know that I will not be able to use all that I have for projects like this as I have way too many, but at least it is a start. Anyone else have any ideas? If so please leave a comment here to let me know. Mt guest room is being over taken by wooden blocks!


Lori J said...

I have heard that they sell pretty well on ebay for those that still want to mount their stamps on wood block. Just a thought. :0)

I am getting quite the pile of my own.

Susan said...

Those decorated blocks you sent me to look at are adorable - just right for selling at a craft fair, wouldn't you say??

I haven't heard of any other uses so far.