Friday, October 24, 2008


Back in early September good friend of mine got married. She asked me is I would be willing to make prayer and wish cards to her reception. This was not her first marriage and she knew from earlier experience that guest books never were looked at after the wedding. So instead of a book for guests to sign she wanted cards that they could fill out writing a prayer or wish for the future of the newly weds. I have never been so nervous making something, but when I showed the cards to her she loved them. Here is a picture of them in the basket waiting to be filled out and then hung on a dowel rod tree. Each one was different and I made great use of all my decorative scissors, prisma flowers and rhinestone brads.

They were a great success. People loved them and wrote very endearing sentiments that I am sure will be cherished by the bride and groom for years to come. My next task it to put them all into an album for them. This was my gift to them both.

Next "I have a "band aid" tin that has been altered to hold tiny treasures. Everything used in this project once again came from the Fall SCS Craft Kit. I never know what to do with these tins. They are such an odd shape for keeping or gifting things in (other than band aides that is). This is what I came up with. I will probably find some small goodies, probably chocolates to go into it and it will go into my craft show inventory. I have a show that I am a vendor in coming up on November 8 so the crunch is on to get things made for it. I am hoping I can offer inexpensive yet nice handmade items for sale as gifts for the upcoming Christmas season. With the state of the economy What it is I don't think people will have lots to spend on expensive gifts this year. At least I know I won't. So I will do what I can to provide nice things for them to gift friends and family with. I may try decorating a few of these tins to hold crayons for kids. I think they are tall enough for crayons to fit. We'll see.

Well that's it for today. See you all later and thanks for stopping by.


LadyDoc said...

WOW- what a GREAT wedding gift! Your cards look BEAUTIFUL!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

OH what a super idea!!! That basket of cards is just gorgeous!!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

wow! i just love your work. i do some handmade greeting cards,too. but your's are very great. :) do you mind if i add you to my list?