Monday, October 06, 2008


Has anyone heard of this product....Castaway ink pads by Jacquard????? I hadn't heard of them until I went to a stamping show several weekends ago. I discovered they are really neat. Rather than putting color on your card stock they remove it. Sort of like using the stamping with bleach technique but much easier and neater plus no nasty bleach to worry about getting on your clothes.

When I encountered these pads at the show I had to have one to try out and play with. I really like the effect they give. The image left is like a shadow or a frosty or hazy background. The colors you get are different with the color of card stock you are using and also the brand. I even had one color that it didn't work on at all. Nothing changed. Here is a picture of two different card stock colors and how the stamp shows up. They are both Stampin' Up products. One is Bravo Burgundy the other is Sage Shadow. I used the Upsy Daisy stamp on both.

You use it by stamping the image you want on the card stock with the Castaway ink. It leaves a wet almost creamy image. You let it set for 5 minutes. At this point the ink has dried and is virtually invisible. Then heat set it using a dry iron on the cotton setting. The image reappears. It is a shadowy image that I think is really cool.

Here is a card I made using the image stamped on Night of Navy card stock. Notice that there are two little circles in the top most daisy. Know what those are????? The steam holes on the bottom of my iron. So a lesson was learned here. Use to bottom half of the iron where there are no wholes to cause a temperature difference on the heated image. Also notice here the image reappeared in a lighter bluish color where as the Sage Shadow showed up a creamy yellow and the Bravo Burgundy a light gray.

The final card I have to show you is one of the first images, the burgundy one, made into a Get Well Card.

I really do like how these images show up. I look forward to experimenting more with it. I saw it used with a snowflake stamp on a lighter blue card stock and it was really really cool. So I will try that when I get out of my fall card mood and move on to winter cards.

Oh the card stock which did not register any color change and the image just faded away to invisability when ironed was Stampin' Up's Almost Artichoke.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

I haven't heard of those.......but WOW!!! What a cool look!! Now...where on earth is my iron???? LOL

Christi said...

I haven't heard of them either but man what a cool effect!!

LadyDoc said...

WOW- gonna have to look for these!!!

Twila Grace said...

These are really attractive! I hope you'll have some of these to sell in the FSQ Boutique.

Susan said...

This ink is new to me too Suzanne but what a great idea! I love how you used the inks and that you found yet another crafting tool in the house - the iron!! He he! I wonder if I could use bleach on a pad of paper towels to 'ink' up my stamps and use them in a similar way? Hmmmm.