Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay I am jumping on the band wagon that Teresa started on her BLOG about good news in November. It's been pretty dreary and nasty here on the East Coast so far this month. Add to that the end o Daylight Savings Time and the darkness that now descends around 5pm and we need some good news to keep our spirits up. December bring the excitement of the impending holidays, but November can be just down right depressing until you begin to focus on Thanksgiving. So post here what you are looking forward too and what is the good news right now in your life and then ask the same of readers on your BLOG if you have one.

What am I looking forward to in November??? Time that will be spent in NC with my sister and mother helping my mother move into a new home. Also my daughter will be joining us so it will be a three generation Thanksgiving celebration. This also means I will be away from work for a week....always something to be thankful for!!!!!!! Just kiding I really do love my job even though it drives me nuts!!!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

hi, Suzanne. Well, it is my first winter here, so, what I'm looking forward to is how cold it would be, and would I be able to bear it? :(
Happy "I love to write day" :)

thinker said...

a 3-generation celebration... that will be such a great time.. and what a wonderful thing for which to give thanks!!!!!

I'm looking forward to... attending Christmas concerts next week. Both my guys are in the college choir and they're presenting "An Evening to Remember". I can hardly wait to be immersed in the beauty & splendor of the evening!

p.s. wanted to let you know that I have a special little 'blog award' for you over on my blog ;)

Susan said...

What a great idea, Suzanne - to look forward to things rather than wallow in gloom! This time of year it rains a lot (when we aren't in drought) and people get depressed about that, even though Christmas is coming and lots of us will spend it on the beach in a lazy day of BBQs and relaxing. That's what I am looking forward to - Christmas Day on the beach with family and friends :) That ad the baking I love to do for the holidays.

Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne!

There's an award for you on my blog!

JAR said...

Hope your trip was a lot of fun!