Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today has been a day of small quilting projects. I've made 2 sets of placemats and I don't know how many quilted pot holders. It has been fun being down in the sewing room (aka basement). I don't seem to be doing much sewing these days and I have so much fabric to use up! I do enjoy sewing and using my lovely machine.

However, I haven't taken any pictures to show you. So I have gone into my card archive of cards that were made sometime in the past, but have never made there way to my BLOG. I found a picture of a birthday card I made that has a quilt block on it. I do have this connection between my two passions.

I have added some wonderful quilt related stamps to my inventory. Sometime this week I hope to break them out. Maybe tomorrow, unless I feel that it is a sewing day once again.

I'm trying to guess what the buying public will be interested in next Saturday and see that I have some of it. I would like to do one more placemat set, at least one baby quilt, maybe a wubbie or two. Plus I have cards to finish up and a few framed pictures as well as a couple more journals. This is not a week that I need to have disrupted by the presidential elections! I need crafting time, but I am committed to working as an election judge all day and night Tuesday so I will have to make good use of the remaining non work hours of the week!

If anyone reading this happens to be from the Maryland area I would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual Fall arts and Crafts Festival at our church. It will be on Saturday, November 8 from 9am to 3pm. There will be 16 vendors as well as a large collection of hand painted porcelain collector dolls, a bake sale and wonderful Silent Auction baskets to bid on. Our church is Covenant United Methodist Church and is located in Montgomery Village at the corner of Montgomery Village Avenue and Wightman Raod. The address is 20301 Pleasant Ridge Drive.
I would love to see you there! I will be in the library with my goodies. We are working toward raising money for repairs and reoutfitting of our kitchen. (Which a favorite project of mine as I cook dinner in it every Tuesday night!)

Oh.....even if you live out of town you are invited if you want to fly into town.....well I didn't want you to feel left out!


LadyDoc said...

Your card is very beautiful!

Susan said...

We're seeing a lot about the presidential campaigning over here. Hope it all goes well for you on election day. And have a great time at the crafts festival - hope you get some blogland visitors!

Your card is great - I love it when you combine your crafts :)