Monday, September 07, 2009


Several months ago I posted some cards I had made with a stamp I purchased in Alaska. It was a Hummingbird stamp that has Native Alaskan artwork in it. You can see those cards here if you missed them and would like to see them. I had purchased three stamps from the same company Earth Art International. They are part of their Animal Spirit Stamp line.

I really like coloring in these images but it is very, very time consuming and I must be in the right frame of mind when I do so because it is very detailed coloring. Here are two more cards. This time using the Bear image.

These are quite large stamps so I am really challenged on how to use them on cards. But I do love them and hope to find many ways to use them both colored and mono tone. So far I have been trying to use color schemes that are found in traditional Native Alaskan art. These include primarily red, black, white and turquoise.

The third stamp that I have is a moose. Soon I will show some pictures of it. I do have some cards completed just need to edit them.


Susan said...

What a lot of work alright, but oh, I love these Alaskan stamps. My folks lived there for a little while and I got to visit. Ever since then all things Alaskan have appealed greatly to me, and I do love bears (I just wouldn't want to meet one in the woods!)

I'm glad you fought off your impatience long enough to finish this one :)

Susan said...

Hey Suzanne - I am a member of PaperCraftPlanet too if you want to add me. I don't know how to find you - lol!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Very cool Suzanne!!! What fun stamps with all the coloring!!!

LadyDoc said...

Suzanne- the stamps are wonderful but what you do with them is GORGEOUS!!!