Saturday, March 19, 2011


Life has kept me occupied with issues other than crafting at the moment.  I do a little, but it's just not a priority at the moment.  Maybe if I could figure out how to remake it a priority life would be better.  But I did take time out to go on a wonderful trip related to quilting.  I wish the week didn't have to end, but alas it did and I'm now back to what seems to once again be mere emotional survival.  This too will end in time and I will move on to another chapter in my life.  I did want to share with you a short peak at my wonderful week.  For those who might read both my blogs please pardon the duplication.

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Susan said...

Oh Suzanne it looks as though you had an unforgettable time on your quilting cruise! Glad to see you having some fun :)

Have a blessed Easter.