Sunday, October 30, 2011


 That mess from the previous post is pretty much put together now.  I like the way it turned out and look forward to spending time in the room creating.  One frustration I have is that I've unpacked everything except for China cabinet boxe3s and I am not finding any of my 12x12 card stock and even worse I haven't found any of my nestabilities!  I can't imaging that they were left back in MD but sure don't have a clue where they are.  The card stock I can deal with, but I want my nesties!!!!!

Here are two views of the craft room.  The first was taken while standing in front of the ironing board and looking into the closet. You can see the new home of my Horizon 7700.  I can sew and then turn around and iron without too many steps.  The rotary cutting will be a different matter.  I think I will need to use the top of my stamp table for that.   I love the white storage cubes.  I think they look really nice and they really do help with keeping things organized.  I am going to label the drawers so I don;t have to keep pulling them open to see what's in them.  Label makers are wonderful things.

The second picture is of the stamping area.  Yes I know I have way too much stuff, but I plan to use it all one time or another.

First thing up is making lots of Thank You note to send to my wonderful friends up in Maryland who gave me such encouragement and a wonderful send off. 

I purposely didn't take a picture looking back at the ironing board.  It still has a pile of things on it that I know where they are going but just ran out of steam.  Tomorrow I will finish that off and take a picture of that corner of the room.  One thing I still need for this room is a waste basket.  That blue basket is a paper recycling container.

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