Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Break from the Craziness!

I really needed to take a break from all the business of the week. So I stamped. This is my latest card. It is in celebration of fall. These are colors I love. I designed it for my SU Sisters September SYI Swap and made a few extras for myself. Other than this card I haven't been doing much "crafting" this week. Too busy getting ready for the big church picnic tomorrow. Though I guess the 4 display boards I put together might count as crafting???

I also did get to bake a cake today for the cake walk at the picnic. Don't get to bake much anymore with only two of us in the house. And I still have two pans of apple crisp to make. While they are baking maybe I can squeeze in another card for a special birthday girl this month. Not saying who in case she reads this.

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Susan said...

What a nice card, Suzanne! Mind if I case it? I need some 'thank you' notes fro my dear daughter who is away from home at college and was recently sick. SOme people at the college helped get her to the Dr, so I want to send some TYs to her so she can give them to the wonderful women who helped.

I will certainly take some pictures of quilts here next year for you.

And guess what - I was baking for church today too. We take turns doing the morning teas each week and tomorrow is my turn. I made two cakes and a batch of cookies. Just me and DH home now too, so cooking for church is when I get to go to town with cooking anymore :-)

Have a lovely picnic!