Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Evolution of a Scrapbook Page

I am in a 6x6 Christmas scrapbook page swap. I've not really done 6x6 pages before so this is a new endevor for me. I was worried about how to get a design on the page and still have enough room for a photo. I've done scrapbooking before with Creative Memories products, but never worked on a page smaller tham 8x11. I new I wanted to yous the Cool Play set and have a snowman on the page. My first attempt I was not happy with at all. The snowman was too small I though and there was too much open space. Also though I liked the effect of using Dazzeling Diamonds glitter on the snow flakes in the background it was way to labor intensive to do the 20 pages I need for the swap. What to do?

I still liked the basic design elements so I tried enlarging the snow man and instead of a single stamp snow flake with the glitter I used a snowflake jumbo wheel and whisper white craft inl for the back ground snow. Of course that meant I couldn't use the white for the "let it snow" stamp so I switched it to black. I liked the fact that I now had room for some extra color in the form of the cap and scarf. It's still pretty labor intensive as I have to cut out the snowman, scarf and hat, but I had to do that on the other page as well anyway. So here is my swap page!

Now I am not one to just throw away work I don't like so after staring at it for a few more minutes I decided to try adding a second "let it snow" in white above the little snow man on my reject page. And voila: IT WORKED! I like it now. Just filling in the empty space really helped I think. You can see this card in my next post. I still won't do it for the swap just because using the glitter is more involved and messy than I want to deal with right now.

The lessen here is work with ideas you try that you don't at first like. Chances are there is a fix that will make it work!

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