Saturday, April 21, 2007

Stamping on Tiles

Well, I continue to work on items that will be for sale in our Quilt Show boutique next weekend. I have been working on various designs for decorative tiles. This is one I have done. The tiles I use are not ceramic tiles as they have a coating that makes them very slippery to stamp on. These are a rougher unfinished tile which has a lot of texture to it. I have made about 14 of these with various stamped designs. I stamp the basic image using Stazon ink because of the shine on this tile, which is caused by coating the like with Utee Ultra Thick Embossing powder, you can't see that I have attached a small button on the heart. The stamped image had a button here and so for a three dimensional effect I glued on a small button after everything was sealed. I not only seal the inks with the Utee powder but then spray the tile with and acrylic sealer.

A number of people make these tiles to use as coasters. I don't like them for that purpose as I don't think they would absorb the water because of the sealant used. If you didn't use the sealent I would be afraid the markers would run when they got wet. So I place these in an easel mount for a decorative accent in your home.

I purchased the tiles I use for the pardware store. I think they are Italian tiles.

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