Friday, November 23, 2007


Back with info and hints on these other two ornaments. The ball ornament is actually a paper mache ornament ball that I covered by decoupaging small pictures of quilts all over it. In the past I have used regular Modge Podge and not been particularly happy with the results. They look nice, but always stayed slightly tacky feeling and it if was at all humid they got very tacky. This time I used a Modge Podge product for decoupaging on furniture. The label said it was an extra hard coating. It is not at all tacky feeling. This is a bit of a messy process, but is fun. I've also done them using small pieces of fabric. They are a nice ornament gift for a person who likes to sew. One other hint; I hang them to dry. I have a spool thread holder that I use, but you could also loop them over the top of a wire clothes hanger. They would had down into the triangular space in the middle.

The final ornament is also from Split Coast. I used the Stampin'Up! scalloped punch. I couldn't find a good link to send you to for directions so here are mine.

Using your scallop circle punch, punch out 8 different "scallops" of designer series paper. I cut four each of two different papers. Fold each scallop circle in half. Now glue one side of the folded 1/2 circle to the back of another 1/2 circle. Continue until you have all eight circles glued, then wait to glue the last two sides together. Take about 12" of gold or silver cord; fold in half, and place a Pretties clear "bobble" or two at one end. Then insert the cord between the last two sides of the scallop circles, and glue the last sides together. This makes a really cute "ball" with dangly "crystals". I tried several different types of adhesives and decides that SU's Anywhere Glue Stick worked the best.

I've made several different ones and you can embellish they all differently. For some I used stickles around the outer edges for a glittery look, and on others I painted around the edge with my Ziggy gold/silver ink pen.

Though it is hard to explain how to make these they are really very easy after you have made a few. I think the first one took me about a half an hour . Now I ca whip one out in about 15 minutes. HAVE FUN!

There are still a few more ornament types I want to play with making. I have some glass balls that I am going to place a stamped image inside of, and I purchased some microscope slide to experiment with. Also I just found directions for domino ornaments. So stay tuned for more ornament fun!


LadyDoc said...

Thank you for the beautiful scallop ornament! I always make ornaments for the kids in my homeroom and this will be lovely.

Lee said...

Very pretty!! I hadn't seen the scallop idea until yesterday!! I love the quilting's so YOU!!!

Lori J said...

This inspires me to pull out my modge podge and get something done. I need to finish my Christmas cards first though. :0)