Friday, August 08, 2008


It's county fair time here in Montgomery County MD and that means the only crafting I have completed in the last few days are fair entries. I would like to say that I have pictues to show you, but alas not yet. As usual I was working on entries right up to the last minute so there was no time to get our the camera. I will go around on Monday afternoon and take a picture of some things if they are displayed in a way I can get a decent photo.

Entries were way down in areas other than baked goods last year so I did my best to help and boost the count for this year. I ended up with 28 items which includes one tote bag that will be donated to Headstart at the end of the fair.

While waiting for anything crafty to post here I will share with you an award I was given by my BLOGing friend Susan, who lives in Australia. Hmmmm....seem to be some cyber errors so I can't get the award image to upload onto my page which is too bad since it is a really cool image. It is the Wylde Woman award, which personally I think is totally appropriate for me as I am a total wild woman! LOL! To see it you will have to go to Susan's BLOG which if you have not been there is not a bad place to have to go. Not only does she create great things but you can also learn great things about Australia while you are Wombat Day which is celebrated in October.

Well that's it for today. I hope to have some actual pics to share with you soon.


Christi said...

I LOVE fair time. Todd proposed to me at the Texas State Fair. So special.

LadyDoc said...

I hope the fair went really well!

Susan said...

Can't wait to see the pics of your fair entries, Suzanne, and am so glad you enjoyed your award!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Have fun at the Fair Suzanne! LOL.....Fair Suzanne!!! :) We have to miss ours this summer with all the craziness, but I hope to do some baking and have some yummy entries next year!!