Friday, August 22, 2008


I remember sock monkey's from when I was a kid. I don't think I ever had one but I thought they were so cute.

Then when I was a young adult they became popular again and I though maybe I would make one. IT wasn't hard to find a pattern because when you bought a pair of men's rag wool work socks they came with a pattern for them. You didn't even have to go to a craft store. Just ruin down to your local Sears and Roebuck or "Monkey" Wards, which is what our family called Montgomery Wards. Those of you who are youngin's have probably never heard of them as they went out of business I think in the last 1980's. Anyway, I did get socks that had the pattern and I did intend to make one, but.......I think it was about 10 years later I found the socks on a shelf, couldn't find the pattern so got rid of the socks and of course immediately there after found the pattern. Needless to say I never made me a sock monkey!

Now Stampin' Up has come up with a stamp set that will let me easily make a sock monkey for just about any occasion. He comes with his own party hat, banana, cupcake, balloon and more. Plus they have a companion accessory set with even more fun things for him to wear and hold.

Here is my first "monkey" card. Doesn't he have just the cutest grin? And he is ready to party! I colored him with my Prismas and OMS. I need to visit my buddy Lee again and get a few lessons on coloring well with these. An artist I am not when it comes to coloring and shading. But I am happy with my little guy.

So tonight is the start of SCS's VSN. Don't you just love acronyms? That's Split Coast Stampers Virtual Stamp Night. IT will be a fun night and then Saturday of stamping challenges. The theme for this event is authors and all the challenges will somehow relate to books and authors. I hope to take part in a few of them. That probably means I need to go up and do some cleaning in my room. There is a 45 minute time limit for making each card so you really do need to be organized and clean when you start because a mess will quickly develop! It is fun though and there is a lot of laughter and chatter on line along the way.

One final case you haven't noticed I still am using up bits and pieces from my summer craft kit.


Sarah said...

Suzanne - This is soo cute!!! I love the colors you used.

Christi (Cici510 on SCS) said...

This is adorable!!! I remember Montgomery Wards!! My grandparents used to take me shopping there when I was a kid. :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Suzanne!!! This is just stinkin' AAAAAAAAdorable!!!! I love how you cut him out and mounted him with the outline.......awesome card!!! I've got to find all your VSN creations as I'm so excited and happy that you played!!!!

Susan said...

I remember sock monkeys, Sears Roebucks and Montgomery Wards from my dim, dark, distant past!! I was a little kid in Ca a long, long time ago :)

Your card is soooo cute.