Saturday, February 14, 2009


A very Happy Valentine's Day to all. We don't celebrate it much here at our house, but I know for many folks it is a very important day. Since I had asked for a group of people to come out and help make cards today at our church I told them I would have a couple of designs just for them. These would be Valentine's cards they could take and give to whom ever they choose.

These were simple cards; a bit of punching and a little stamping, but nothing wither time consuming or difficult. Though simple because of the paper I choose to use for them they were I think classy. The papers I have had for several years....can we all say horde??? They came from a very large package of handmade papers I found at Costco at a price that could hardly be believed. I did two simple designs one using red paper on a white card stock base the other being a red card stock base with white paper.

I think everyone that choose to make them were very happy with them. As for the other cards we made for the Cards For Heros program, 8 of us finished 80 cards in two and a half hours. I thought that was pretty good for mostly card making novices. by this coming Tuesday these will be packaged up and mailed off.

Every one said they really enjoyed making the cards and had a good time, but I don't think I convinced any of them that they could do it on their own. Of course I think they all could if they would just give themselves a little credit for being creative! I will just have to keep working on them...........

I still have a few more designs for the project to show. I will post these tomorrow. For now I need to think of what my next project will be. Probably going back to preparing for the Spring Quilt Show!

Bye for now!


LadyDoc said...

Suzanne- PERFECT cards for the CAS thread and gallery at SCS!

About the twinks- supposedly the discount price will show up when you order. Nothing on the website yet but some people who are on the LuminArte emailing list got emails yesterday announcing the closure. Check out the threads on SCS in General Stamping.

Christi said...

What sweet cards!!!!

Shirley said...

Saw your question on Luminarte. I got one of their emails and will send it to you if you email me. I couldn't find your email anywhere on your site. :-(


Shirley said...

Suzanne, I always have problems thinking of cards like this. They are simple and yet they are elegant too! Less is more here and think they probably loved them.