Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stamping and Recycling

Did you know that stamping can be a great way to recycle and alter something so it can be used again. Two of my items in my previous post are recycled items.

The gift bag is one that I received when I purchased some chocolates about a year ago. It is a wonderfully sturdy bag and I could stand the thought of just throwing it away so I popped it into a drawer. I never could come up with a use for it though since it had the store logo in both sides and a list of store locations on the bottom of each side. It is now reincarnated into a usable gift bag with the logos covered up with stamped images and designer paper and the locations covered with strips of coordinating designer paper.

The bottle is a Starbucks Frappichino bottle. It will be filled with some sort of goodies, probably Hershey Kisses, and given as a special gift.

I'm sure there are many many other items out there that could be wonderfully recycled into altered stamp art and gifts. So stampers can help keep the land fills a little less full!

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Susan said...

Really nice projects, Suzanne! Did you know over at DCM they are asking for cards with recycled packaging on them? you might like to have a look!

It's nearly time for our Show again so I will try to get some pictures of the quilts fro you this year.

We're off on a fishing trip now for a few days :-) It's cool and misty/rainy but we just want to get away! Will stop by again when we get back.