Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I had never heard up this technique until I found it on Linda Heller's BLOG Where the Rubber Hits the Road. She is doing a video each week showing a new technique. They are only up for one week and then taken down when the next goes up. She is following the alphabet in choosing the techniques.

This is the emerging color technique. I still need to do some work in perfecting it, but it is a fun technique and I think worth working on. It can be done on plain or glossy paper. It involves multiple colors ink, versa mark and clear embossing powder. Here are the steps I followed.

1. Stamp lined images in several different colors over a piece of white card stock. Leave some white space but I don’t think you want to leave too much.
2. Set aside to dry well before going on to step 3.
3. Wipe top of card stock with embossing buddy.
4. Stamp solid stamped image over the stamped images from step #1 using versamark ink.
5. Emboss with clear embossing powder.
6. Brayer a dark ink over whole sheet of card stock. This wlll take several coats. Get it so it is well covered.
7. Buff excess ink off of embossed images. You will see the designs stamped on in step #1 emerge from the dark inked background.

You may then cut out the images to use separately or use piece as background or strip.

I experimented with several images and papers. The problems I had was that even with using classic dye inks the embossing powder was sticking to some of the ink besides the versa marked images. This meant that the ink being brayered over the top was not solid, but looked speckled. Even when I used the embossing buddy I was still getting a speckled top layer. They were just small speckles and don't really show up here but they made it so I didn't want to use the dark background with the emergent color as a background or strip on the card. So for my first cards I have cut out the images. I've prepared another sample (actually the top picture) and am letting it dry really well. LAter tonight or tomorrow I will versa mark and emboss the solid images and then finish and see it this works better.

For now here are the two cards that I have made using what I have done with this technique so far. They are both birthday cards that I need for next week.


Sandy said...

The colors are soooooooo wonderful. I really like the first picture with design. Very nice indeed.

I popped in on your other blog too this am, got my walking shoes on. lol

Have a super day

Christi said...

That is such a cool technique! I love the cards that you made as well. :) Awesoem!

Lee said...

I really wanna try this technique.....it sure looks involved.....but gorgeous results!!