Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I haven't had time to even step foot in my stamping room since Saturday night. Life has just taken on a craziness of it's own. I did take time tonight to catch up on some BLOG reading. What a wonderful surprise and honor it was to discover that my good friend Lee awarded me this on her blog. Thank you so much Lee!

Now I have a big job to do. I will be passing this award on.

Things may be a bit slow on her BLOG at the moment do to having to have her home ready at all times for prospective buyers, but look back through her posts and look forward to the future. Susan's Saga is a delight to read and it gives me a glimpse of card making and scrapbooking, as well as life "down under". One day I hope to head her way in real life!

I love the simplicity of many of her card creations. They are wonderful and neither take hours to complete nor would they require extra postage or oversize envelopes to mail. She has helped me see that less can indeed be more. So I pass this award on to Created by Jennifer.

She is new to the BLOGGING world, but her cards are wonderful and I am sure there will be more coming. I love how she intermixes life with her cards on her site. Also she is so giving and sharing with what she loves about paper crafting both through her work and on the internet. Watch for good things to come here. So one of my awards goes to Sarah Stamper

Thank you to all whose BLOGS I frequent. You are all a main source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Tomorrow I hope things slow down in my life enough that I can use some of that inspiration to create some things to show here.


Lee said...

You are so welcome my friend!!! And I just LOVE the blogs you nominated as well!! I hope you get to enjoy some more stampin' again soon!!

Susan said...

Suzanne! You made me blush! Thank you so much for your sweet words about me and my Blog!! And for the award of course - Lol!

I'll have to do some thinking abou twho to send this on to now :-D

Sarah said...

Suzanne! Thank you!! What an honor to recieve. You brought quite a smile to my face this morning, that's for sure! I really appreciate the warm words you used to describe me and my blog. I hope you have a GREAT day!!

Now to think about who I would like to pass this award on to...

Diane said...

Hi, Suzanne! Just stopping in to say hi and look at all your wonderful creations. You've been busy! It's all great. Congratulations on your EXCELLENT AWARD. You deserve it.

mollymoo951 said...

Just stopping by to say Hello!