Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Wow! This week is going fast and though I have not done any stamping I have been busy. I've been organizing and rolling ribbon. I am amazed how much ribbon can be squished into a quart sized plastic bag!!!!! But it is all neatly rolled and organized and Diane's package is ready for delivery.

The other thing keeping me busy is getting ready for a fun weekend adventure to Kansas City. Lots to do to get ready as it will be a stamping weekend. Decisions to make concerning what to pack and how not to go over the weight limit either of the airline or what I am able to lift into and out of the car trunk! Though I don't leave for a day and a half yet I am pretty much packed except for those last minute items.

Tomorrow is not a work day for me so I think after I do some straightening up around the house I will have some time to spend in the stamp room. I sure hope so anyway. So with any luck there will be something to show off here tomorrow. Please check back.

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Christi said...

I am so sad that I can't make it to the KC gathering. Maybe when the boys get older or we have one in Texas. ;)