Friday, June 06, 2008


Okay I know I just made a post no more than an hour a go, but I just couldn't pass this picture up! Isn't it wonderful? This has to be the best and most unique quilt I have ever seen in my entire life! I love it and I want one. It was made by Anne Fitts of Port Ste Lucie, FL to publicize her local quilt show. I bet it got attendance up! I also thought it was appropriate that the Quilt shop site I found the picture on was names Suzanne's Quilt Shop. For another picture of this wonderful creation you can go to her shop site here. It looks like since she posted these pitures that her shop has moved from Palm Beach, FL to Moultrie, Georgia. This is her new web site. If any of my fellow FSQ quilt show buddies pass by here. Don't get any ideas unless you plan to do it yourself!!!!!!!

y that's it for the night! See you tomorrow with more paper craft creations.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

WHOA!!!!!!!!!! Now THAT is certainly the most unique car I have ever seen!!! I sooo don't wanna know how much that cost!! I can just see you in your Suburban with that design!!! LOL

Christi said...

I could SO see you in this Suzanne! LOL This is beyond amazing!

Susan said...

This made my eyes open very wide! Now I am thinking about quilted boat covers, trailer toppers, house warmers - Lol!

Hope to see your car creation one of these days!