Saturday, January 10, 2009


I know there are places where the snow is flying but although quite cold here its just rain that's falling. Still neither snow nor cold rain make one think of baseball....I did though. Its time to get back to work on my nephews baseball album. When I got my winter craft kit I knew I would use part of what came with it in making pages for this album and yesterday I came up with five more pages.

Here are two of them. They are actually pages that will go at the front of the album since they deal with information on the season. So I had to move some pages around. I am so glad that I am using and SU album where you slip the pages into page protectors that are help into the album and not the Creative Memory Albums I started scrapbooking with years ago. If you found pages that needed to be made an inserted in between already completed pages it was much harder because it was the pages were attached into the album and the page protectors simply slipped over the pages. (Did that make sense?) So in many cases , and this would have been one of them I could not have kept the flow of the album what I wanted and also inserted these two pages.

Let me see if I can explain this better. I had finished pages 1, 2, 3, 4,.....of the album and they were in a chronological order. The odd numbered pages are on the top, inside the page protector, or the right hand side of the album. The even numbered pages are on the bottom, or the left hand side of the album. I needed to place pages A and B after page 1 so my new order now is 1,A,B,2,3,4,......With SU's system I simply needed to get a extra page protector remove page 2 from behind page one insert A in its place. Than put B in the front of the new page protector and page 2 behind it on the bottom. Of course I need to take the album apart to put the new page protector with pages B and 2 in but that's no big deal.

With the Creative Memory album and many other styles the problem is that your page layout is adhered directly to the album page. So you have to hope that you can remove the page two layout from its foundation without damaging or destroying it. It can be done, but its much more scary to do. The only other option is to forget about the flow of the pages and just insert the new pages so your new order is 1,2,A,B,3,4.........Also if you only have one page to be inserted than you do need to create a second page. With the SU album its a pain to add just one page because you have to shuffle all your pages not just one, but with CM you can't even add one page out of order without having a blank page!

So know I am sure I have either totally bored or confused you. But to end I will just say THANK STAMPIN' UP! Your albums are expensive, but I love them for their ease of use!


LadyDoc said...

Hi, Suzanne!

I love my CM albums but I guess I've never had an album that I wanted to change the page order in so this problem never occurred to me. Thanks for the warning!

Your pages look terrific!

Christi said...

Your pages are awesome!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

These are so fun!! The colors and dp are just so perfectly sporty!!