Friday, January 09, 2009


I got the glitter somewhat under control and have moved on to the next challenge. This one was not a SCS challenge, but a Sweet & Sassy sketch challenge from this past Monday. I haven't actually posted it for the challenge, but am posting it here.

So why have I titled this entry "A Hole Through Olivia?" Look carefully at this first scan of my card. I decided to paper piece Olivia's belly feathers. What do you think???? I think she looks like someone got her with buck shot, poor baby, and blew a hole right through her! That must have hurt.

So what happened here. I made the mistake of using the same paper for her belly that I used for her background. This just doesn't work. It makes it seem hat you can see right through her to the background. Like I said poor poor Olivia! She needs some emergency medical care before she can be sent out to someone else to bring them Get Well wishes.

Of course the adhesive I used in the paper piecing was a very effective adhesive (my Xyron sticker maker). The stripped paper was not going to come off without some serious damage being done to Olivia.........(can there be anything more serious than an apparent hole straight through her???? I wonder???).....anyway...what I had to do was simply adhere the correcting paper over the top of the offending paper. Voila...Olivia now has a blue belly! No more hole!

Fully cured, she is now winging her way to a friend in need of a little cheering up. I hope her wishes for good health work. It's not fun to be sick...............

Today, I spent the better part of the day getting my creative juices flowing. I must tell you that once I got into the groove I was amazed. But that story is for another day as it is now well past my bed time and I must be heading upstairs. Tomorrow is a big day......the Christmas tree is coming down and being packed away for another year!


Christi said...

OK, I wouldn't have noticed the "hole" unless you told me! LOL I love this card though. Isn't Olivia the sweetest?!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

LOL........I totally would never have noticed!!! I think both Olivias are really cute!!!