Saturday, August 04, 2007

Here I am at convention with some of my new friends. Next to me (I'm in the turquoises) is Denise from CA. We simply met her while walking to the convention center one morning. Had a nice chat along the way. It was her first convention also. Next to Denise are Roxanne and Vernell. They were my two roomies for the week. We were in a very small room, but managed just fine. We didn't really spend too much time in the room. Too much other stuff to do.

One workshop we took was on knowing all about the products we sell. The presenter focused on the Many Marvelous Marker sets. She said in preparing for the workshop she set out to find out everything about the markers sold by SU that she could. If you want the whole set they are quite expensive and she wanted to be able to convince people that these weren't items you would just purchase and let sit on the shelf. She came up with 20 different ways they could be used. They were quite amazing and ranged from simply using them to color in stamped images to using them to put high-lites in your hair! Yes you read that correctly. She used them to put red high-lites into her daughters hair. She said it worked great and washed out with no problem at all. Now that's what I call getting creative. I hope I can find a list either on SU demo site or Splitcoast as to what all the 20 uses were. I'd really like to do a class showing all those techniques.

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Susan said...

Wow, Suzanne - I'd love to know all the uses for Marvy Markers too!!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm so glad you liked the quilt pictures. They were especially for you!

So nice to see you made some new friends at convention and you all enjoyed it so much you didn't spend much time in your room! Lol! That's great! Do you all have blogs? Will we see some of your friends here, do you think? That would be good :-)

Will check back in with you again soon - have a nice week.