Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This quilt will be on display at the Pennsylvania Quilt Expo in a few weeks. I made it for a guild challenge in 2006. The challenge was to take five pieces of Jane Sassaman's fabric and turn it into something. They were very challenging fabrics to work with. Looking at the quilt they are the fabric the basket is made out of, the background fabric, the birds were cut out of the fourth fabric and the flowers and greenery out of the fifth. The flowers and greenery are actually 3-D and padded. There is beading as well in the centers of the flowers. The piece was all done on the sewing machine except for the beading. That I did by hand.

I am very excited about this quilt being at a national show and look forward to going to Harrisburg, PA to visit it. I hope others enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

There will be others from this same challenge hanging with it in a special display that focuses on group challenges. This is the second quilt I've had in a national show. Last year there was one hung in Nashville at the AQS show. AND......I've just learned that another quilt of mine will be hanging in a show next spring! Wow, three years in a row and all tree quilts were made in 2006. That must have been a very good year for me. This year on the other hand....NOTHING has come out of the sewing room that has been particularly creative.

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