Saturday, January 19, 2008


Here is another little box you can make that contains a yummy treat. I have been taking part in a Virtual Stamp Night (VSN) this weekend. It is like a stamping retreat where you get together with friends to party and play together while creating cards and other paper craft items. But it is done via the internet. Lots less expensive (once you have the computer equipment needed that is) that paying hotel and eating out costs. Challenges are issued every hour and you have 45 minutes to complete each of them. Of course since no one can really check up on you the time limits are done on the honor system.....I'm sure no one EVER takes longer than the allowed 45 minutes.......well may be a few.....okay so maybe I'm the only one who is SLOW! But I don't really care for me the object is too have fun. I'm usually done in 60 minutes and that includes the thinking what to do with the challenge time.

One of the challenges was to make a special wrapper or container for chocolate. This then could become a gift for someone special. I decided to try a Nugget Box. I've heard of these little boxes and seen a few but never tried to make one. They are amazingly easy. Why have I waited so long. I wanted to get started on some Valentine gift items and so that is how I decorated this one. If you would be interested in making a box like this you can find directions here.

The above photo shows the box closed. It is a match stick type slider box and the second picture shows it partially opened. Notice even the Hershey's Nuggets have their own pretty little jackets. Now if I can just resist eating them before Valentines day! Enjoy looking. If you what to eat you will have to find your own these are mine!


Lee said...

Sooooooooo cute!!! Jaimee and I will HAVE to try to make one of these!!! If I have enough left after opening the bag already!!! LOL

Susan said...

Woo hoo - love the little boxes you are making, Suzanne, and also the link to the instructions! I will have to check and see what size chocolate nuggets we have over here. Hersheys isn't a chocolate supplier much known here - it's Cadbury and Nestle that have the market sewn up.

Am working on giving out some 'You Make My Day' awards so will publish that soon :-)

Have a wonderful day yourself!

Lori J said...

This looks wonderful. You did a great job of making the chocolate box. :0)

LadyDoc said...

That box turned out great! You do such beautiful work!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Simply Sweet!!! Love everything about this (((Hugs)))