Wednesday, January 16, 2008


but because she is one of the few SCS and FLYThis morning I received a wonderful surprise when I found out that Lori a SCS and FLYBaby friend gave me an award! The "You Make My Day" award. Then this afternoon I also received the award from a very special friend Lee. I can say she is very special not only because she isBaby friends that I have actually personally met. Now I would like to pass this award on to a few of those who "Make My Day". If you haven't already I hope you will stop by and visit with them on their BLOG.

Kurtis "The Kub" what can I say...he is amazing as are his cards. I love visiting his BLOG to see his new creations and reading about his new adventures as a design team member for not one but two companies now. I also enjoy hearing about what's going on in his life from his proud moma's perspective.

I just have to send the award back to Lee. She is one amazing lady, and I might add has one amazing husband. They are both such giving people. Lee is always there with encouragement for me when I am down or struggling . Her talent and skill in card making has blossomed and I hope one day to be able to catch up with her talent.

My next award goes to Susan. Talk about special! Susan was my very first BLOGGING buddy. She is a very talented card maker and she lives in Australia. I so look forward to visiting her site and seeing what is being done down under. I also very muc look forward to reading the notes she leaves for me.

Finally I would like to give the award to LadyDoc. The work she did with her students in making cards to be sold as a charity fund raiser were amazing. That she was so willing to share her talent with others in this manner was truly inspiring to me. Also I love the name of her BLOG "Tilting at Windmills" . It reminds me of Man of LaMancha every time I visit there and Man of LaMancha is one of my all time favorite plays.

There are many more that I wish I had time to list here that have been an inspiration to me. There are also many SCS friends who make my day but do not have BLOGS to visit. Thank you all. You all "Make My Day" in so many ways.


Lee said...

Awwww.....thanks Suzanne!!! You made me blush!!! So I matched my red hair!!! LOL I so enjoyed our visit and am so happy to call you a true friend!! I hope we can meet up again this summer!!!

Susan said...

Suzanne, how wonderful! Thank you so much for giving me this award!! I will collect it soon when I can think about some people I can forward it to - when I get home I am going to follow the links to your other awards also :-)

You really made my day!!

Christi said...

You brighten our days too Suzanne!! :)