Friday, April 11, 2008


I forget exactly when it was but several weeks ago I think the Splitcoast Techniques Challenge was Faux Cloisonnes. I have been intrigued with this technique ever since I first heard of ot, but had never tried it. I think part of my problem was I was never exactly sure what type of stamp to use.

I knew it needed to be a line stamp with a fair amount of detail, but also enough open space so that you could see the paper that was stamped on. I also felt it needed to be a fairly "classic" stamp, meaning not very contemporary like the "doodle" stamps. Because of these perceived, if not real, stamp guidelines I never could find the right stamp to use. Finally one day while in our local stamp store I thought I had found it.....I tried it out and it was all wrong. The design itself was great but the open spaces were too open. You will see this stamp in a later post as I have come up with what I think will be the perfect projects for it, but Faux Cloisonnes did not work.

The next time I was in the store I looked again and again I thought I found the correct stamp. This time it was the right was the perfect butterfly! Here are some of the images I did.

Faux Cloisonnes is when you stamp with metallic ink, I prefer gold as that is traditional, and emboss with the same metallic powder an image onto a glossy picture that has a variety of colors or textures. It can be a dramatic or a subtle variety of color. As you can see some of the images I cut out with my paper snips. This is what you most often will see, but one I punched out with a circle punch and mounted on a scalloped circle punched out of Brushed Gold card stock. I found that old calendars that have glossy pictures works really well. You can also use pictures out of magazines but the paper they are on is of a much lighter weight. The calendars is more of a card stock weight.

So what did I make using the images. Well, once again I have had the need for Sympathy cards and I thought these images would be perfect. So I created a series of sympathy cards from the 8 or so Butteflies I made while playing with different backgrounds to stamp on. For right now I'm just showing you two of the cards as this post is already getting long enough and I know you are probably ready to move on.

I always find Sympathy cards a challenge to do. I want to get the right balance of simplicity and beauty to honor the one who has passed on with a cheerfulness and message that can bring comfort and hope to the person who has lost a loved one. Frivolity just doesn't work on a sympathy card, at least not in my opinion. Butterflies in my mind symbolize new life and in my belief system death is a passage into a wonderful new life. A life that will be spent in the presence of our Creator, so they are very appropriate to sympathy cards.


Lee said...

Suzanne.........the faux cloisonne is simply beautiful and elegant!!! I love the dp you chose and that butterfly IS a perfect image for this!

Kisa Peters said...

Oohh! It is pretty! I haven't tried it either....I think I need to! I love it in gold!

LadyDoc said...


I have three Michael Strong stamps designed specifically for this technique- I saw his video about it on The Scrapbook Lounge and went nuts. But, the stamps came in just before the surgery and I still have yet to use them.

NOW I know I HAVE to do this soon- these are TOOOOOO beautiful!!!

thinker said...

These are simply beautiful... and so appropriate for your sympathy cards. I do believe that I will have to give this technique a try... it looks so very stunning!!!

cheryl said...

Lovely cloissoines! Guess I will have to get a butterfly stamp because that seems to be the perfect image for this.

Susan said...

Suzanne, these are stunning. I do love that technique and like LadyDoc I saw it demonstrated by Michael Strong in a CraftTVWeekly video. He really does have some lovely stamps for this technique. If I was in the USA I would be buying up! I tried it with a glossy ad and it worked OK, but I like your idea of using an old calendar better. Your cards are perfect sympathy cards, by the way. TFS.

Oh - and I'm glad you liked the paper flowers tutorial :-)

Beth said...

These are simply elegant-perfect for sympathy cards when words escape us and we have only our heart to speak to words.

Susan said...

Lol! Come on over and cook our fish anytime, Suzanne. DH will clean them for you!