Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I love this site. If you have never been to it you need to go and check it out. It's called Sheet Load of Cards and if you ever need to make a quantity of one card you will find it invaluable.

I used two of their design sheets this weekend when I needed to have patterns made and kits cut out for a bulk card making session during a Women's Health Day at our church. Of course I put this project off until the last minute. (My parents didn't give me a middle name at birth but it should have been "Last Minute"). I began at 8pm the night before and I needed to be ready by 7:30am the next day.

With the help of this site I did it. By midnight I was finished and had kits prepared and packaged with a sample of each design to make 45 Mothers Day cards for Cards For Heroes.

Using Sheet Loads of Cards allowed me to get some sleep that night and the women most of who had never made cards before loved putting them together!

So don't forget click here and go explore Sheet Loads of Cards.


Veronica said...

Thank you for posting this blog! I added it to my favs, along with yours to!

crafty al said...

Thanks for the "shout out"!! As somebody who totally appreciates sleep, I am glad my eZine allowed you to get some :) hee hee


Susan said...

Suzanne, you have been making some glorious cards and showing us all some great sites the last few days! I enjoyed being reminded of the Carpenters, too. What a neat idea ot emboss electrician's tape! I will be scouring the hardware stores too now :-) How you do affect my behaviour, even though we're oceans apart!

Have a wonderful day today. Hugs.

Christi said...

Thank you SOO much for the heads up. I have been getting more and more "bulk" card orders so this is going to be an invaluable resource. You rock Suzanne!! :)

Lee said...

Just WOW!!! 45 cards!!! You are amazing!!

daiseyfreak said...

thanks for sharing, cool site, bookemarked it!