Thursday, April 24, 2008


This picture is in honor of our guild quilt show this weekend. I have spent all of today gathering things from home to take to it and helping set it up. The show opens tomorrow and will run through 5pm Sunday. I really enjoy working with it and being at it all weekend, but boy I can sure tell that I'm not as young as I used to be. This is at least the 15th show I've been involved with.

The stamp I used to watercolor for this framed picture is another of my ones from Impression Obsession. I have used it to make note cards but Diane suggested it was so pretty it should be a framed picture. I decided I agreed with her and here it is. Thank you for the suggestion Diane I love this picture.

This is probably all I will be posting until Monday unless I perk up one of the other evenings when I get home from the show. So since there probably won't be anything new here if you have never visited Diane's Designs take this opportunity to do so. She does marvelous work!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Absolutely a FABULOUS piece of framed art Suzanne!!!! Have fun at the show!!

Christi said...

This is gorgeous Suzanne!!

LadyDoc said...

This piece absolutely deserves framing!

Diane said...

Suzanne, this turned out beautifully! It's gorgeous in the frame. Love all the play of color with the matting. Excellent job and the coloring is superb. What did you use? I enlarged the pic and it's really a great piece. are so sweet to mention my blog. Too generous! Can't wait until we're stampin' side by side. I'm getting so anxious (eager, rather) to meet the FB crew.

Thanks again for your very kind remarks.

PS...another suggestion...ever thought of SELLING your framed quilt pics. They would go like hotcakes at a show like you're doing. In fact, I'll place the first order if you'll do it!!! Seriously! One for for my mother. What say you????

Susan said...

Wow, Suzanne, this looks wonderful. Hope you not only survive the show but enjoy it, too. And Diane is right - you should think about selling a few pieces!! They are amazing works of art!!

Beth said...

Oh, this is sooooo lovely-peaceful and serene. The mats showcase your fantastic coloring so well. This is just wonderful!