Friday, May 16, 2008


This is my first Coaster Album and I have to say so far it has been fun to make. Once again it is made with items from the SCS Flybabies Spring Craft Kit as part of the challenge. The chip board coasters are 4 inch square and I purchased them in bulk on E-bay for a stamp camp project.

It was a very easy project, but so far it is only the front and back covers. There are no pages inside. This is partly because I don't quite know what kind of pages to put inside and I am hoping to get some advice here and on Splitcoast. Should I cover and embellish more coasters for the pages for strength? Or would card stock pages be strong enough since the pages are relatively small and so the photos will also be small? Especially if I use two sheets of card stock adhered together back to back. All advice welcome. I also plan to eventually put ribbons on the rings for decoration, but I am totally out of ribbon from the craft kit so have to wait till challenge is complete for that.

So is anyone wondering how I did this? It really was very simple. The only piece of special equipment that I would deem necessary to keep it easy is a crop-a-dile. They make punching the holes for the rings a breeze! Like punching through a single sheet of card stock. Here are the steps I followed in creating this.

  1. Cut two pieces of patterended paper slightly larger than 4" square
  2. Cut two pieces of solid colored card stock slightly larger than 4" square
  3. Run all four squares through xyron to adhere adhesive to their backs. (If you don't have xyron use favorite strong adhesive like sticky tape or mono-multi glue)
  4. Carefully adhere patterned papers to one side of each of the two coasters
  5. Carefully adhere card stock to other side of each of the coasters
  6. Trim the papers as close as possible to the edges of the coasters. There shouldn't be much to trim, but don't forget to round the corners.
  7. Use sanding block to smooth the edges of the covered coasters
  8. I sponged a coordinating ink around edge of coaster. (In my case I used So Saffron) This colors the white edge of coaster so it blends into the papers and I also sponged a bit onto the patterned paper sp it softened the edge
  9. Embellish the front of album as desired. I used letter stickers that I outline with black gel pen to spell out "Mom Pics" I wanted mom's but didn't have room. I also punched out little circles with pictures from a coordinating paper (the lady bugs) and after they were attached I circled them each with a ring of Star Dust Stickles for some added bling. You may wonder why the button with flowers on in at the top of the "c"....don't tell anyone, but it's a creative boo-boo cover. (The pen slipped while I was outlining and left a nasty black line which is hidden by the button) If you want to use brads as a embellishment I would probably place them on if possible BEFORE I adhered the patterned paper to the front.
  10. Punch your holes for the rings using the large punch on the crop-a-dile. Make sure the holes line up on the back cover.
  11. Insert rings and decorate with ribbons as desired.
  12. Don't forget pages on the inside for the photos.
  13. It's done......wasn't that easy?
So now you know how to make these and they are so easy. Why not give it a try. If you don't have coasters head out to your favorite restaurant or bar and order a drink. They often serve them to you on a nice little square coaster. (Except at Red Robin they are round, but you could then make a round album!) Oh, don't forget to take a friend who also needs to get a drink becasue you need TWO COASTERS...........


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhh I just ADORE this Suzanne!!!! I made my first Chipboard Album....but using the SU Kit........and I agree that they really are easy and fun!!

Teresa said...

Such a pretty album! I would think that cs pages would be ok.

Mary Dawn said...

it's adorable! i have some coasters on order to make brag books for my mom and MIL, my pages will accordion folded cardstock

i think if you want lots of pictures, use cardstock pages--if you just want a few pages then use more coasters...i think either way will work splendidly

Susan said...

Now I know why you are Seven Gypsy's scrapbook paper. Take a friend out for a drink, huh?? LoL!

I love your little album. I made a small one in a tag shape not too long ago and as I only wanted three pages, I used chipboard throughout. I can't see why double cardstock wouldn't work. Try making a page that way with photos on either side and see if you like the weight of it...the coasters should keep everything protected and nice and flat.

Diane said...

Suzanne, LOVE your little album. Just received a shipment of 100 chipboard coasters and have plans for all of them!! When I make albums I create base pages from inexpensive (but acid/lingin-free) cardstock, usually white. Then I build on top of that. The extra weight and base page helps anchor everything. With designer paper or cardstock on either side of the base page, it's a perfect weight for inside pages. Love your design!!!

mollymoo951 said...

Awesome project! Love it. I was looking at those letters the other night...wondering what the heck I was going to do with those letters. They do have some nice texture to them.