Monday, May 26, 2008


The placemats are complete. At least these two sets are. I hope to get one more set done before they are due at the gift shop. I have the design for that set done and the fabric picked out but have not done any cutting let alone sewing on them. But I am very happy to have these done and also am very happy with how they turned out. The third set will be a rust red basic fabric with small sunflowers and then accent fabrics that are gold and green.

If the time for sewing is more abundant than I expect it will be I might even try and put together a fourth set which would be in blues. No design in mind for them though and it will only happen if I can manage to schedule and use my time over the next few days very wisely! The chances of this happening is probably very slim to nil, but miracles do happen.

If there is an abundance of sewing time, which means if I can schedule and use the next few day


Susan said...

These look like winners, Suzanne. Hope you have enough time to do all the sewing you need to do! I have been sewing the past two days too, but it's all 'straight' sewing - a skirt and mending and taking up hems. It's almost time for the Show and all the beautiful craft displays again but I think I will miss it. We're probably moving before the Show is due to start.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oooooh la la!!! How gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

Suzanne - These are wonderful!!! I love looking at your quilts and projects!!

Image editor SBL said...

Great mat
looking very nice!!!