Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Todays card is on honor of how I feel today has been going.
I feel like I have been moving at a snails pace all day and consequently not much has been completed.

I just love this little lady snail. I'm claiming she's a lady because what self respecting male snail would have flowers growing out of his head and decorating his shell.

This is another of the images that I colored this spring when I was in North Carolina visiting my mom. I'm just about finished using those images. But I have plans for coloring lots more while visiting Kansas City in three weeks for a wonderful stamping gathering. I have discovered I really like having a supply of precolored images ready to go when I need a quick card. I can spend my limited time on layout and embellishments since the coloring is all done.

Also I want to tell you all (if you don't already know) about some amazing BLOG candy give aways. If you haven't yet visited Diane's Designs or Lee's My Reality....It's all Good! You are definitely missing out on some good stuff. And when I say good stuff I am not just referring to the chance to win BLOG candy. These two women are amazing paper crafters. I guarantee you will not be dissappointed by either of them. They also are amazing women. You will have to put some though into possibly winning their candy though they have some specific questions for you so be prepared. (Don't worry they aren't hard questions!)

One final thing and then I am off to bed. Lee gave me this wonderful award. First of all thank you so much Lee. I look forward to your visits here and reading your comments. Even more though I look forward to seeing you again in three weeks. (Yes, Lee AND Diane will be at that special Kansas City gathering mentioned earlier in this post. So look for wonderful creations to come!) Secondly isn't this a beautiful award. It fits right into my love of quilting as well as stamping. Thirdly the hard part. I so want to send on this award to someone special. I have quite a list of BLOGs I read regularly and you know what Lee already awarded this same award to most of them. So for now if you read this and are on Lee's list all I can say is DITTO! So now go and check out Lee! And don't forget Diane.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Cute, cute, cute snail card!!!! :) I also love having colored images ready! I can't wait to see you again and hang out in KC!!! And thanks so much for mentioning my blog candy give away!!

The Dentons said...

Suzanne ~ Your card is beautiful! I love the layout and that snail is too cute! I am looking forward to meeting you in KC!

Susan said...

Suzanne, this snail lady is very classy with her flowers and I love the colours and design of your card! I laughed when I read about the self-respecting male snail. I wonder how he would decorate his shell?

Oh, how wonderful that you are going to get together with Lee and Diane!! Please remember me when you do - it would be fabulous to be able to visit you all!

I also wanted to tell you what kind of camera I have. It's a Sony Alpha100, which is a digital SLR, so yes, I can point and shoot but the caves required a little more thought and manual decisions. It would have been good to have a tripod in there but I couldn't manage carrying that along with the camera, and keeping my 77 yo mother from falling over as well (Yes! She went too! Brave lady! Col and I kept her between us so we could help her fore and aft!! LoL!)I have been having a lot of fun discovering how to use the settings to give me a better effect for my pics and am very happy with how the camera has been cooperating. Thanks so much for your comments about my photos!

And I agree, the award Lee gave us is so pretty and her comments are so wonderful. Congratulations on being picked too! Though I can see why Lee picked you - your work is just fantastic.

Have a wonderful day :-)

LadyDoc said...

You've been tagged!

LadyDoc said...

Your snail card is beautiful!

As for your award- it is so TOTALLY deserved!!!

Mandy said...

How colorful and pretty! This card is fantastic!

Diane said...

Well....Suzanne....what can I say, you sweetheart!! 1) your snail card is soooo adorable. 2) and you are just the kindest thing ever. Thanks for all the kudos.

I CANNOT wait...I CANNOT wait to see you in KC. This is about the biggest lark I've ever done!

See you at KCI/MCI Friday AM...just let me know about any other time changes if others will be coming in a little later. Look for the "sign."

JAR said...

CUTE CUTE snail!! I love snails! I just got a new one that I love -- now where did I put it?? lol