Saturday, May 31, 2008


I've been busily getting ready for a yard sale we held at our church today so haven't had time the past few days to stamp or sew. It sure seemed like I sold a lot of stuff, but at days end it only added up to $100. Oh well I guess it takes a lot of 25 and 50 cent items with a few items over $1 to make up that amount of money. Also it is a $100 more than I had this morning and my house is at least a bit lighter!

Anyway I was tagged by a BLOGing and FLYing buddy Teresa who can be found at Tilting at Windmills and now must share some UNimportsnt facts about myself......common Teresa there's nothing UNimportant about me....yeah right! So here goes......

  1. I lived in the same house when I was growing up for 15 years and said I would never live that long in one place again. We have now lived in our current home 25 years and have no immediate plans for moving!
  2. I have worked at my current job which is at our church for 11 years which is 9 years longer than any other job (paying that is) I have held.
  3. I cannot crochet or tat, both of which I have tried many times and failed each time! Oh can't paint anything other than a stamped image either.
  4. I have way to many LP albums, cassette tapes and VHS tapes. All of which technology has or is making obsolete! And I can't stand the thought of just throwing them away.
  5. I have been married going on 37 years and other than baby room and children's room furniture we have purchased new 7 pieces of furniture. Rest of furnishings are yard sale or "early family attic" which was only to be used as newly weds till we found something better!
  6. We drive our cars into the ground before we get rid of them.
So that is the UNinteresting facts about me. Now if you would like to play along I have just tagged you! Please let me know if you list 6 things about yourself so I can come visit. Here are the simple rules to follow. The last of which I just broke. And I must say that I personally find anything I learn of any of my BLOGing friends as interesting. So sorry if you find my items more interesting than I do.
1) Link back to the person who tagged you: here's the link
2)Post these rules on your blog
3)Share six (6) unimportant things about yourself
4) Tag six (6) people at the end of the entry


LadyDoc said...

Crochet and Tat I CAN do- and bet I could teach you to tat! (The basics only! Beyond that you need Etha!)

My living room sofa is the same age *I* am- got it from an aunt who was redecorating when we got married. We also have a whole house full of family hand-me-downs that were supposed to be "until we could buy our own". Hey- now we both have houses full of "antiques", lol!

Susan said...

Lol! I DID find it interesting to read your 6 unimportant facts, Suzanne!

WIll see if I can come up with something to post in the next few days along the same lives...

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Suzanne..........LP records, eh?? I think I bought 2 at a garage sale thinking they'd be collector's items!!! LOL Hey........maybe they are!!! And you could sell them on ebay and get rich!!! Then you could move to Colorado!! :)