Sunday, March 30, 2008


Now that I found my camera (YEA!) I was able to take a picture of the hand carved stamps I purchased while in Lancaster. I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but hope to soon.

I laid a couple of the stamps on their side so you can see how they are carved right into the top of a beautiful piece of hard wood. The piece of wood they are carved onto is the shape of the stamp image. I don't know which came first in the process. The image designed for the shape of the piece of wood used or the design is carved and then the piece of wood shaped down to fit it. Anyway because they are all different shapes and sizes I find them fun to just look at.

I have also uploaded a close up picture of the owl stamp so you can see the detail with which the stamps are carved. The carving is very delicate. I am amazed with the workmanship. I wish I could better describe how beautiful the stamps themselves are. I guess you will just have to take my word for it.


Lee said...

OH gosh Suzanne!!! They are simpley fantastic!! They look beautiful and detailed!! Will you bring them to KC? I'd love to see how they stamp!!

LadyDoc said...

Wow, wow and WOW!!!

WHERE in Lancaster did you find these?

Susan said...

These look amazing, Suzanne. I just sent a link to this post to a wood carving friend of mine. Can't wait to see some projects based on your new stamps!

Oh, and I am so glad you got your camera back.

Have a wonderful day :-)

Beth said...

These are AMAZING! What a treasure to find - very cool story about making batik. India makes THE most stunning fabrics - just amazing! Those stamps are so very special...enjoy them!

Diane said...

Incredible! This was a great find! If I were YOU...I'd put them on a shelf and keep them in pristine condition. They look like real treasures to me. I'd be sad if ink ever touched them!!! Still it would be very interesting to see the image they produced. I'd love to be able to get some of them. Would love to showcase them in my craftroom. Is there a mail order address???

Thanks so much for sharing them. A treat!

I second Lee's request to see them in KC, and YES I'll be happy to play with rub-ons too. Bring some of what you have. Pretty soon you'll be putting them on everything you own!!