Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here is another block that I have completed. This is the March Block of the Month from the Carol Doak Yahoo group that I am a member of.
Carol is a wonderful designer, teacher and author of all things Paper Pieced (a very accurate manner of piecing quilt blocks).

There will be 12 blocks is this series. I am making the blocks in a 6 inch size and they will all be in Black, White and Red. So it is one down and eleven to go.

Up until a week or so ago I had really let my quilting fall by the way side. But I am back on the quilting wagon and my machine has been humming away. I am currently working on my third project which you will get a peak at soon. Unfortunately I can't seem to sew and stamp at the same time. (Probably something to do with the fact that my sewing machine is sitting on my stamping table and bits of fabric are lying all over my stamping supplies.)

There are only so many hours in a day. Oh why didn't God create a 48 hour day, only 8 of which needed to be devoted to work, 8 to care and feeding of family, and 8 to sleep. That would leave 24 hours in each day available for craft pursuits! Definitely my idea of heaven.

In keeping with my focus on quilting at the moment I will be gone for two days to a quilt show in Lancaster, PA. Once again I have the joy of visiting one of my quilts that is hanging in the show. Here is information on the exhibit my quilt is hanging with. It is the Fabricated Faces.
I will try and get a picture of the quilt as it is displayed. So I will be gone until Friday night. Until then have fun with your crafting what ever form it takes.


Lee said...

You are a quilting machine Suzanne!!! Another very cooooooool square!! And I can't wait to see the whole quilt!! I hope you have a fantastic time!!

Beth said...

This is FANTASTIC! I love how the starburst almost jumps out at you-gorgeous! I do have a tender spot in my heart for black & red - it's my children's school colors. ;-) Fabulous!
48hr day? I'd so be into that! Safe travels as you go visitin'.

LadyDoc said...

Oh, I am SOOOO jealous!!! I LOVE this quilt show but didn't even think about it this year. Now I check your link and discover that P. Buckley Moss was there!!!! I would have crutched and wheelchaired MILES to meet her had I known!

I canot WAIT to see the picture of the faces quilt!