Thursday, March 13, 2008


Its been a long time since I have done a scrapbook page. I probably wouldn't have gotten this one done if Erica Martin hadn't issued a sketch challenge at GinaK's recent release party. I've needed to get going on a scrapbook I am doing for my nephew and so I took the challenge as the opportunity to get started. (I've been been gathering paper, stamps and other supplies for some time and also been thinking, but not actually doing.) Having a layout to work from really made the process go much faster than I anticipated it would. AND it was fun doing it. THANK YOU ERICA! I needed that push.

Erica is on GinaK's design team, but she has a wonderful BLOG herself. Lots of great ideas and projects as well as her own store. Check it out. And while you are checking out BLOGS if you have never been to GinaK's you are really missing out. And both Gina and Erica often have wonderful drawings for BLOG CANDY. and who doesn't like candy???? Check them out.


Lee said...

Suzanne......this is really a cool page!! I love the fun stickers and fonts you used! Very sporty!!

Susan said...

Wow - looks like a green playing field and the layout remnds me of a poster! Very effective, Suzanne.

cookingmama said...

Yeah I love Erica's blog. She is amazing. I wish I could go to her scrap retreat she is hosting in April. Your scrapbook page is awesome. I love scrapbooking!